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  • The NESDIS data centers answer global change questions that remain unresolved.
  • Climate change, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental effects, and more
  • Objective and comprehensive information on climate change risks and potential responses.

  • Acid Rain

  • The effects of acid rain, dust and smoke, with links to research projects for the classroom.
  • How it affects sea life, forests, the air, us and ourselves, it's causes and preventions.

  • Global Warming

  • Photos of climate change, Arctic, Antarctica, glaciers, temperate climate zones, rising seas, etc.
  • Climate change news and analysis
  • Real-time simulation of carbon dioxide emissions, birth and death rates, for countries worldwide.
  • Active presentation, with short explanations, of the greenhouse effect and global warming
  • Article on the unequivocal evidence of a warming trend caused by human activity.
  • Consequences of global warming, the trend toward warmer temperatures, and its prevention.
  • Fight Global Warming: 29 Things You Can Do, by scientist Sarah L. Clark

  • Ozone Layer

  • Phasing out ozone-depleting substances in an effort to safeguard the ozone layer.
  • What is the ozone layer? How do we measure it and what factors influence its concentration?

  • Weather

  • All your weather needs, e-mail alerts, browser extensions, desktop widgets and add-ons.